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NatureCounters - Innovation in Ecology NatureCounters - Innovation in Ecology

NatureCounters - Innovation in Ecology

Nestbox Counters

Nestbox Counters are electronic counters which you can buy and fit onto the front of almost all hole-fronted nestboxes. They have been specially developed to give an accurate measurement of the number of visits made to a nest. Nestbox Counters help you to learn much more about your wildlife than you ever could with just a nestbox camera. You can monitor the breeding patterns of birds, learn more about their behaviour, and measure how frequently they are finding food to bring back to the nest for their chicks, without any wiring or any intrusion into the box.

Nestbox Counters allow you to measure activity in a way that is almost impossible with just a nestbox camera, so they make a great alternative to nestbox cameras for anyone who enjoys learning more about the wildlife around them in a scientific way. Being so much more versatile than nestbox cameras, you can fit them to every hole-fronted nestbox and instantly see when birds are starting to visit the nestboxes without any drilling or wiring or connecting to a monitor, and what"s more they capture information about box activity both day and night, even when you are away.

We at NatureCounters are very proud to be the first people ever to develop and manufacture Nestbox Counters, and our range includes Batboxes and Hedgehog boxes, as well as data loggers for detailed recording of visit times .

Here is a short video, showing an early prototype of the Nestbox Counter fitted to the front of Schwegler 1B nestbox going up from 95 to 100 visits.

We produce counters in a variety of housings, both for wooden boxes where you can fit our Nestbox Counters to a nestbox in a matter of seconds using the screws provided with nothing more than a screwdriver, and for Schwegler woodcrete boxes where the counter is either held onto the front of the box with a special nylon clip, or integrated into the front panel of the box itself.

Video Tutorial: Fitting and using a Nestbox Counter on a Schwegler 1B nestbox

In this video, I show you how to fit the counter to a Schwegler 1B woodcrete nestbox, and how to use the reset magnet to read the internally stored count-totals from the nestbox.

Our Nestbox Counters are powered by 2 AA batteries with a battery life of one year, and need no additional wiring. The Nestbox Counters use a dual light-beam detection circuit which allows them to detect partial entries, full entries, partial exits and full exits from the nestbox whilst a double-count-prevention algorithm is used for the times when a bird puts its head in and out of the box during one visit. The electronic circuit has a waterproof coating to protect it from rain and damp

Video: How the Nestbox Counters work

In this next video I explain a little more about how the nestbox counters work.

The bigger picture - What is the "Nestbox Counters Project"?

At NatureCounters, we see our Nestbox Counters as part of a bigger picture. The Nestbox Counters Project is about the Environment, about Climate Change, about Conservation, and above all, it is a project about People.

The aims of the Nestbox Counters Project are:

To get people out into their gardens learning more about the wildlife around them, by plotting simple readings from Nestbox Counters throughout the year.
Child with newt
Port Lympne
To provide a new and innovative revenue stream for environmental charities by selling Nestbox Counters, nestboxes, and other nature monitoring equipment.
To gather consistent and reliable records of nesting, breeding and provisioning habits of birds, bats, and other small mammals over a wide area and long period, as a basis for monitoring changing breeding patterns, through an international, online database.
All sorts of wildlife
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