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The NatureCounters Team The NatureCounters Team
Our mission is to help protect the natural world by designing, manufacturing and selling innovative, high quality ecology products that inspire you to learn more about wildlife. Here you can see the team of six people who make that happen. We are a small team, but dedicated to what we do, and happy to be doing it.

The NatureCounters Team - here to serve you:

Brilliant Conservation Biologists

Janna Steadman:

Janna has just submitted her PhD thesis in Conservation Biology at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent in Canterbury.
She has been exploring a new area of research, namely how corporations, Non-Governmental-Organisations (NGOs, i.e. conservation charities), and governements work together to achieve successful conservation outcomes. What makes conservation partnerships between NGOs and corporations successful?

"Although the biodiversity crisis continues to persist, recent research has demonstrated that there is a substantial mismatch between the expenditure required to meet conservation goals and current levels of public funding. Consequently, NGOs have a critical role to play in compensating for this deficit in spending, through the activities they undertake. However, within the conservation sector, there is now a growing recognition of the enormous potential for businesses to contribute to future environmental resilience, as they have an unparalleled ability to mobilise human, physical and financial capital globally. In response to this, a trend is emerging for the development of ‘conservation partnerships’ between stakeholders with an interest in the protection and sustainable use of natural resources.
The main objective of my PhD research is to better understand the functioning, and outcomes, of conservation partnerships between NGOs, private landowners, government agencies and the corporate sector. Currently, little is known about how these collaborative networks operate. It is anticipated that the findings of my work will inform the development of future conservation partnerships, improve knowledge exchange between partners, and facilitate the effectiveness of such relationships. Using a range of methodologies (qualitative and quantitative questionnaire, semi-structured interviews and social network analysis) this programme of research will examine the following three specific questions:
  • What motivates different stakeholders to engage in conservation partnerships?
  • How do conservation partnerships operate?
  • Do partners perceive conservation partnerships as successful?

Janna is responsible for Business Development at NatureCounters, reaching out to our customers to develop our relationships with ecologists, conservation biologists, wildlife groups and private customers on the one hand, and our suppliers and development partners on the other. Good luck with the PhD result, Janna!

Wonderful Warehouse staff

Carolyn, Emily and James are the team who will normally fulfill your orders.







We try our best to get orders despatched the same day on a next-day courier service if we receive them by 1 p.m.

Extraordinary Electronics Developers

Asmir, Amar and Dominic. We are currently working on a new design of Bat Detector which we expect will make the study of bats much more accessible to a wider range of people, and bring lots of new people to the study of bats.


Asmir holds a Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering and is an expert in Digital Signal Processing.



Amar holds a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering, and is working with Asmir on the design of the new bat detectors.



Besides a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering, Dominic is also a passionate wildlife enthusiast, and the Director of NatureCounters.

Dominic is a life-member of Fauna and Flora International, a member of the British Trust for Ornithology, the RSPB, the Bat Conservation Trust, Kent Wildlife Trust, and a supporter of the John Aspinall Foundation.
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